16/02/2017 Turn a_Lab BXL at Cirqu’Conflex Asbl, Bruxelles

This Atelier is an experimentation itself.
It wants to be a tutorial as the one we easily find on the internet. I’m interested in tutorials’ languages because they are based on imitation.
And imitation is a good way to test and start to try out every kind of activity: bricolage, movement sessions, cooking, etc.
COLORING BOOK TUTORIAL is a tutorial to make Coloring Books.
Coloring Books is a project of ‘IL PALINSESTO, and it is based on scores in shape of fanzines.

How we will proceed?
A- We will warm up imitating aerobics and yoga classes and it will be for 30 minutes.

B – Then, we will imitate geometries and colors with our bodies.
How can we imagine to be square and round in the space using colored objects?
What does it mean to be a geometrical form using our own body? (30 min)

C – … in order to go forward in the imagination as a topic and a language, I will give you some mini fanzines, which we will use to draw our scores, based on geometries and abstract forms. (30 min)

D- at the end of the lab, we will play with all the tools we will have discovered together, making a series of mini Coloring Books!

To know more about Coloring Books, have a look at

he aim of the workshop is to make Coloring Books.

Which kind of tools we will have?
Felt pens
Colored objects: T-shirts and bath cups

more info: Turn a _Lab BXL