It’s a game based on 42 rules and variants through which the players can choose how to react to the voice that gives orders. The game is composed of 4 exercises and a lexicon. Each exercise is 1 hour long. Each player wears a swimming cup of different colours compared to the circles on the floor. These elements can be
used as colours invoked by the VOICE during the exercises.
NOTE BOOK where the orders of movement are collected
COMBINATIONS. It’s the ensemble of body’s parts and colours, directed by the VOICE and read from the NOTE BOOK
DRIIINNN is the sound of the timer to indicate the end of each exercise
PAUSE It’s the waiting position to be taken between the combinations
PERIMETER It’s the rectangle made with paper tape in which the movements are executed
TILT deadlock position
VOICE who gives the orders


30/04/2016 Esercizio collettivo #1/ LE TWISTER in ISAC CONNECTED, Centrale Electrique, Brussels (BE) / concept, text, instruction manual by francesca chiacchio /played by sacha caloussis, francesca chiacchio, camille dejean, stéphane menti, juliette thomas

 DRAWINGS (c) Francesca Chiacchio