zinnema, Brussels

WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST ? is a song, a rebus, a game for a collective awakening. It is living alarm clock without a direct bottom to switch it off. Then, how can you do to stop this noisy device? Let’s play with it, follow the instructions and you will find the answer. 


On the 19th of January 2018, Zinnema in Brussels invited us to wake up thirty-five people who slept over on the stage to celebrate the renovation of the theatre. This event named ‘The Big Reveal’.That morning at 8 pm we started to wake up, proposing a song :



The night before, they found a fanzine and a panel near by each bed.
On the fanzine was written why they have received a panel and how to use it to play with




It has been created by  MOTT FLYF and FRANCESCA CHIACCHIO in 2018.