a structure to resilience and play with geometry

work in progress for the festival STORMOPKOMST 2024

with planned steps in :

Westrand Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek
C-mine, Genk
KAAP Brugge (Octobre 2023)


gallery 1 _ Westrand Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek (April 2023)

gallery 2_ Materdei School, Genk (Juin 2023)

some pictures are (c) An Leemans

with the financial support of:

Stormopkomst, C-Mine, Kaap, Westrand Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek, Nadine

with the professional support of

Georges Le Gonidec for the construction of the module


Laura Decloed for the animation part in Westrand Cultuurcentrum

and the material support of:

FabLab at Maison de la Cohesion Sociale Molenbeek