is an on going project created by ILPALINSESTO.    

It’s a sort of toolbox to invent stories. The story we’re telling today is a quest to find a skier. The current title is ‘Where’s the skier? and it can be translated into several languages. 

The search generates a journey, with the children invited to look for the skier moving from one universe to another, made up of geometric shapes, colours, materials to touch and structures to cross with the body, a soundtrack to dance to, a narrative to listen to and costumes to wear. With the help and support of the adults accompanying them, the children are invited to play games to find the skier: a carnival toss game, fishing game, collective drawings, building and assembling shapes, rolling paper cars in an invented city, etc., etc. 

Today, this story is narrated in different forms: as an interactive show with a beginning and an end, or in the shape of an interactive exhibition, or as a large-scale collective game. 

The resilience of geometry is therefore a tool for telling stories immersing the audience in a playful and participative site specific narration. 

A structure to resilience and play with geometry

work in progress for the festival STORMOPKOMST 2024

Where is the skier ? is an on-going project realised by ILPALINSESTO in collaboration with Georges Le Gonidec

with residency moments in:

Westrand Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek
C-mine, Genk
KAAP, Brugge


gallery 1 _ Westrand Cultuurcentrum Dilbeek (April 2023)

gallery 2_ Materdei School, Genk (Juin 2023)

some pictures are (c) by An Leemans

gallery 3_ KAAP, Brugges (october – november 2023)

some pictures are (c) by Louise Vervaet

with the financial support of:

with the professional support of

Georges Le Gonidec for the construction of the module, the music and animation


Laura Decloed for the animation part in Westrand Cultuurcentrum

and the material support of:

FabLab at Maison de la Cohesion Sociale Molenbeek