VIDEO 5H: 43 », 2016
« Before January 2016, from my window, I could see a bright rectangle in the middle of the city. It was a private garage.
Since I saw it from the first time, I had the desire to draw colour volumes and lines in this white stage embed in the middle of Brussels.
In January 2016 I saw a building company planned to build up new floors changing this privileged scenery of the city view.
The urgency of the vanishing of this abstract stage, the garage, provoked me a reaction.
For 8 days, I filmed bodies moving on this stage, which changed day by day.
At the beginning it was clear and still empty but little by little scaffoldings, pillars and tarpaulins modified its configuration.
Others and I filmed from the window giving direction to the performers with a walkie-talkie.
LE GARAGE (en janvier) is a surrealistic document, a souvenir of a city view and a drawing in motion. »

choreography by Francesca Chiacchio played by Estelle Bibbo, Sacha Caloussis, Francesca Chiacchio, Leen Van Dommelen, Justine François, Juliette Thomas, Faye Yannarou, Roberto Verde, Capucine Vever


25/06/2016 LE GARAGE (en janvier) in Vivarium Tremens, La Cheminée, Brussels (BE)

27/10/2016 CHERCHE/TROUVE + LE GARAGE (en janvier) in The Bloom Experiment, Hotel Bloom, Brussels (BE)