Turn a_Lab BXL, Bruxelles

This Atelier is an experimentation itself.
It wants to be a tutorial as the one we easily find on the internet. I’m interested in tutorials’ languages because they are based on imitation.
And imitation is a good way to test and start to try out every kind of activity: bricolage, movement sessions, cooking, etc.
COLORING BOOK TUTORIAL is a tutorial to make Coloring Books.
Coloring Books is a project of ‘IL PALINSESTO, and it is based on scores in shape of fanzines.

How we will proceed?
A- We will warm up imitating aerobics and yoga classes and it will be for 30 minutes.

B – Then, we will imitate geometries and colors with our bodies.
How can we imagine to be square and round in the space using colored objects?
What does it mean to be a geometrical form using our own body? (30 min)

C – … in order to go forward in the imagination as a topic and a language, I will give you some mini fanzines, which we will use to draw our scores, based on geometries and abstract forms. (30 min)

D- at the end of the lab, we will play with all the tools we will have discovered together, making a series of mini Coloring Books!

To know more about Coloring Books, click here

The aim of the workshop is to make Coloring Books.

Which kind of tools we will have?
Felt pens
Colored objects: T-shirts and bath cups


photos (c) Laura la Rotta

more info: Turn a _Lab BXL