« Since 2016 I have created ILPALINSESTO, a multidisciplinary project based on the theoretical, practical and relational dimension. ILPALINSESTO is a container, a production house, an itinerant company and a website in which I insert my research on colors and geometry from time to time.
ILPALINSESTO takes several shapes: it can be a show, an individual social action in a public space, a collective action of a neighbourhood, a ‘living’ exhibition, a concert, a game, a video, an on-paper edition and finally, a workshop without outcome.
The ground on which my practice takes form is the drawing as a communication strategy and the game as a socialization technique.
I use the drawing to translate thought into images. Drawing is a way to save improvisation, to fix the source without compromising on the outcome when it comes to collective performances.
The drawing is also a form to share the creation process when it is offered as a fanzine to the observer / spectator. In my case the drawing is a form of logic, a score and a graphic rendering strategy that allows the audience to join the game and understand the rules in order to be part of the mechanism which underlines the work itself. »

ILPALINSESTO is a catalogue of IMAGES in motion which takes shape through performances, games, conferences, workshops, videos, publications, a collection of artworks, a mobile exhibition, a website, a company…
ILPALINSESTO is a children’s game with the laws of a provisional society.
ILPALINSESTO gathers data and visual impulses that are brought upon us by encounters and situations.
ILPALINSESTO is an archive organized in categories.
The title:
In Italian, the word PALINSESTO means ‘palimpsest’, but it also refers to the TV and radio guide.
I use the palimpsest as a format, as a container able to comply with discontinuity.
I take it on as a space where there is no need to justify the narrative coherence of a sequence of images.
In fact, on television a car driving through the desert may interrupt a panel discussion and nobody thinks of it as abstract or absurd.
ILPALINSESTO is thus the title of a rotary system that gathers IMAGES, in other words : a composite performance.
In June 2016, the first version of ILPALINSESTO was created as the end-of-studies performance at ISAC.
ILPALINSESTO is a container of varied images : Club Med, tourism, television, village fêtes, mass choreography, radio, art history studies, working as a curator, tutorials, a passion for plants and vegetable gardens, disguising, karaoke, games, sport, geometry, colour, boredom…
ILPALINSESTO is a sequence of impulses put together by Francesca Chiacchio.
FRANCESCA CHIACCHIO creates collective performances in the space she is given. Based on her own color and code system, she develops complex and playful situations that can be read or followed by the public on the basis of fanzines that form the manual for public presentations.