Klein Geluk expo : CC Westrand, Dilbeek / CC De Factorij, Zaventem

On the occasion of the exhibition Klein Geluk, a new coloroteca takes place in two cultural centres: Westrand and De Factorji.
An exhibition for schools, a set of installations to touch and do.
The coloroteca entitled ‘The colours I never used’ stands upside down, spreads on handrails, wraps plants and furniture, becomes abstract and malleable. The children discover its legend from a video and colour it in, they appropriate it as they see fit individually or collectively. In other words, each child thus contributes to Coloroteca, in a communal work.

A project by STORMOPKOMST featuring the work of Johannes Langkamp, Juan Pablo Plazas and Francesca Chiacchio. In collaboration with CC Westrand and CC De Factorij.